Data Protection and Privacy Policy

By browsing the BROADVOICE TELECOM SL website and registering as a customer in the online store you confirm you understand and accept the present Data Protection and Privacy Policy.
BROADVOICE TELECOM SL continues to care for the defence of personal data privacy and is playing a pre-emptive role concerning the safety of the website and data protection of its customers and visitors.
New data protection measures have been implemented, both to verify the legitimacy of personal data processing and to ensure the rights granted to the subjects of said data are being observed, so as to reinforce the guarantee of personal data confidentiality. Within this scope, and through a specialisation of our customer service channels, BROADVOICE TELECOM SL aims to promote a clearer, more objective transmission of the purpose and transparency of personal data processing operations.
Thus, the information contained in this text seeks to convey in a clear, unequivocal way, the content of the data protection and privacy policy, data which will be processed in compliance with the terms of the current Data Protection and Privacy Policy (henceforth referred to as RGPD) and defined by the content of the commercial relationship to be established between the data subject and BROADVOICE TELECOM SL.

Types of personal data processed
BROADVOICE TELECOM SL commits to protecting customer data and never make them available to a third party without the knowledge or consent of the subject, as required by law.
When access the website, it is possible that certain personal data – such as address and postal code – are disclosed to third parties for the sole purpose of preventing and detecting fraud, and always after being required to do so by the competent authorities.
Supplied data will be stored only for as long as strictly necessary, which is usually while the customer has an active customer account. For this reason, as soon as the customer sets the customer account cancellation process in motion, his or her personal data will be permanently deleted, except for data needed to meet legal obligations, which will be stored in a specific database and for only as long as absolutely necessary. Should the customer wish to place a new order on the website, s/he will need to register again, being subject to the terms and conditions in effect at that time.
We can also gather other information regarding customers' website experience, which we will do only after confirming the subject is aware of and, if necessary, has given specific consent for such, and with the exclusive purpose of improving customer service. For assessment and certification of quality of service and response efficiency, BROADVOICE TELECOM SL shares data with entities specialised in that field, namely eKomi Ltd., Trustpilot and Trustedshop.

For what purpose are gathered data used?
Customer data are processed to perform actions such as order processing, notification of possible changes to website functionalities, surveys and interaction assessment for statistical purposes.
We can also send product and service information, campaigns, promotions and special offers by e-mail from time to time. Should the customer not wish to be contacted for said purposes, s/he can cancel his or her newsletter subscription by opting out in the Manage Permissions tab of the account data area or by clicking the link made available for that specific purpose.

As to type:
Essential – they allow for website browsing and functionality use. Without these cookies, requests cannot be processed.
Functionality or performance - they gather information regarding the way the user uses the website, aiming to improve the latter's functionality. BROADVOICE TELECOM SL is then therefore able to understand which products and promotions are more suitable to the interests and needs of the customer by: drawing up statistics according to non-individual customer behaviour and his or her use of the website; measuring advertising campaign effectiveness; introducing browsing improvements, etc. so as to improve the website's performance and response effectiveness. For this reason, authorised third-party performance cookies are also used with the purposes outlined herein.
Analytical - used anonymously for statistical purposes and to improve website operation, without ever gathering personal information. They allow highlighting articles that may be of interest to customers or visitors, monitoring website performance, determining the most effective way of connecting pages or even understanding why some pages are receiving error messages.